Friday, 25 April 2014

Winstonia Plates First Set (W101-W120) Review and Swatches

Hi girls! Today I wish to review the Winstonia first set (W101-W120). By now, I've got this set from  months, but from today I would like to to review my oldest stamping plates for create, in this blog, a sort of archive. This set includes 20 plates that stamp very well and their biggest images measure 16x13 mm in contrast to their last set (W202-W222) where the images measure 18x15 mm. I bought this set here. I leave you with all swatches:

Ciao ragazze! Oggi desidero recensire il primo set Winstonia (W101-W120). Ormai, ho questo set da mesi, ma da oggi vorrei  recensire i miei stamping plates  più vecchi per creare, in questo blog, una sorta di archivio. Questo set comprende 20 piatti che stampano molto bene e le loro immagini più grandi misurano 16x13 mm in contrasto con il loro ultimo set (W202-W222) dove le immagini misurano 18x15mm. Ho comprato questo set qui. Vi lascio con tutti gli swatches:

Winstonia W101

Winstonia W102

Winstonia W103

Winstonia W104

Winstonia W105

Winstonia W106

Winstonia W107

Winstonia W108

Winstonia W109

Winstonia W110

Winstonia W111

Winstonia W112

Winstonia W113

Winstonia W114

Winstonia W115

Winstonia W116

Winstonia W117

Winstonia W118

Winstonia W119

Winstonia W120

Here is the video:

Ecco il video:

Here is, instead,  the video about Winstonia plates second set:

Ecco, invece,  il video sulle piastre del secondo set Winstonia :